William Blanco May

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William Blanco  May William Blanco May William Blanco May
William Blanco May William Blanco May William Blanco May
William_Blanco_May_Modeling_Suit William_Blanco_May_Modeling_Suit_1 William_Blanco_May_Modeling_Suit_2
William_Blanco_May_6-12-2014 William Blanco May Modeling Ralph Lauren Shirts William_Blanco_May
William Blanco May William_Blanco_May William-Blanco-May
 William Blanco May Blue Jacket-71  William Blanco May Blue Jacket-78  William Blanco May Blue Jacket -74
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William Blanco May William Blanco May William Blanco May
William Blanco May 1 William Blanco May Jan 2014 William Blanco May Smiling
Latin Dance Perform 2013
Godfather William Blanco May William-Blanco-May 12-22-2013 William Blanco May Headshot 8 Portfolio Image Page Cha Cha Performance
William Blanco May Criminal Attorney Video William Blanco May The Godfather 2 William Blanco May Cha Cha Competition 2013 SF Open 9

Performance Photos William Blanco May

 William Blanco May Singing "Your Man"

MichMichael Jackson Performance William Blanco May How to Dance Like Michael Jackson Performance William Blanco May Unconditional Surrender Performance
William Blanco May and Dance Partner Diana Win the Cha Cha Competition William Blanco May Wins Foxtrot & Quickstep Competition 2013 SF Open William Blanco May Performing Rumba With Partner Ruxanda Year 2013
William Blanco May Surfing William Blanco May William Blanco May Paso Doble

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Up-and-coming teen male model William Blanco May was scouted in a Latin DanceSport Competition and has been growing in demand as a model and actor ever since. William, born April 17, 1997, is a young American Born Eurasian and is about to shine big in the modeling scene. This modest six feet three+ individual is known for his hard work and dedication. With distinctively and exotically good looks, signature hair and eyebrows, and a winning personality William Blanco May is literally one to watch. William ‘s popularity with fashion designers, photographers, and agencies is down to his chiseled dark looks, his trimmed physique and his versatility to look good and create the perfect shot no matter what the setting. William Blanco May is also a versatile young ballroom & Latin dancer, as well as a model and actor. William has been performing and competing in International DanceSport since he was 13. He is considered a “Rising Star” in the dance world. He started his dance training in San Diego at Mary Manzella Productions with National Dance Champion Mary Manzella. He continued his training under Dancing With The Stars World Champions  Arto Tsaturyan (Dancing With The Stars), Arman Tsaturan (World Champion & Dancing With The Stars), Edyta Sliwinska (Dancing With the Stars) and Alec Mazo (World Champion & Dancing With The Stars) of San Francisco’s Genesis DanceSport Studio and World Champion Diana Surkis and World Class instructor Michael Kiehm of the Starlight Dance Studio in San Diego. William is currently working with the Look Model Agency of San Francisco.

William Blanco May

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